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Safe Energy is a community driven deflationary token with future projects to reduce our carbon footprint by making renewable Energy sources more accessible.
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Why Choose Us EnergyX ?


Buy and Hold $ENERGYX and you will automatically get more in your wallet. No need to farm, stake or claim. In addition, 2.5% of each trade is automatically evaporated from the max token supply which leads to an ever-increasing price floor of ENERGYX. This means that if every single SAFE ENERGY holder sells, the price will not go to zero.


100% of the Safe Energy tokens were already minted on BSC before launch. Unlike bitcoin mining, the minting process for Safe Energy utilised the most energy efficient methods available. Safe Energy aims to create one of the largest and strongest communities; a community of like-minded people who are aware of the climate change crisis and are willing to fight against it.


We value the safety of our investor’s funds above everything else. That's why we took steps to ensure ENERGYX is 100% safe and technically ‘unruggable’. The liquidity pool is locked away until year 2100. Our smart contract ensures that it's technically impossible to remove liquidity.


What is a deflationary token? As the name suggests, a deflationary token is one that steadily undergoes deflation. In other words, the number of tokens will gradually decrease through various burn systems, which ultimately leads to the tokens growing in value passively.



(when originally released on 12 May 2021)

  • 30% BURN
You can find details about the project by watching our EnergyX Introduction Video.



You can buy FERKOS MAKINE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES with SafeEnergy cryptocurrency. Commercial law with cryptocurrencies will start when the tax regulation of the Republic of Turkey is completed.

Energyx will be available in phase 3 at our Metaverse trading center. With EnergyX you will be able to buy certain things in the metaverse but the main currency you trade anything in is Income Island. However, you can convert it to EnergyX if needed.

Stake your EnergyX tokens on the SeamlessSwap exchange. SeamlessSwap offers generous APRs to the Safe Energy community for members who contribute to the EnergyX-BNB liquidity pool.
Why is clean energy important for the world ?


( Tokenomics )
10% Tax

5% Redistribution to Holders
5% Burned

Slippage : 12%
( Tokenomics )
10% Tax

5% Redistribution to Holders
5% Burned

Slippage : 12%
( No Tokenomics )
Transfer from Wallet to Exchange:

10% Tax

Trade: Taxes of the Exchange
( No Tokenomics )
Transfer from Wallet to Exchange:

10% Tax

Trade: Taxes of the Exchange

Safe Energy Platforms

Our Strategy and Project Plan
• Hiring and building the core team.
• Planning and development of Safe Energy.
• Establishing our targets & milestones.
• Creating our Social Media platforms (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc.)
• Contract release and PancakeSwap listing.
• Contract approval and BSCScan confirmation.
• Team wallets and marketing wallets locked.
• Renounce ownership, ensuring a 100% community owned project.
• CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap listings.
• BSCScan listing.
• Nomics listing.
• First audit.
• Trustwallet and Safepal wallet logo and price updates.
• Community expansion and first official AMA.
• Aggressive marketing campaigns on all social platforms.
• First partnership with renewable energy machinery company.
• First partnerships with other crypto projects.
• First CEX listing.
• Leading crypto platforms AMAs.
• Second CEX listing.
• Expanding our community, and more AMAs.
• Professional marketing agency co-operation.
• First charity event.
• Expanding the core team and doxing all members.
•NFT collection creation and marketplace partnerships
•Influencer marketing
•Begin environmental projects within the community
•Merchandise marketing and release
•Guerrilla marketing campaign
•100K Hodlers and community growth
•Second charity event
•NFT collection expansion and farming/staking release
•ENERGYX eco-system plan and development
•Viral marketing
• Investing in and partnering with the first BTC mining company And More...

The World Needs Safe Energy

Average energy usage in Bitcoin mining is 130 TWh. From another point of view, that is:

Tons of oil
liters of jet fuel
Times The annual electricity usage of Slovenia
Sweden's annual electricity usage
Our Tokens
What is an EnergyX Token ?
Safe Energy's EnergyX token is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology. It is the core asset of the Safe Energy enterprise and a flexible store of value for innovative utility.


The EnergyX token is a store of value available to partnership organizations for conducting business transactions. One example, is our partner at Ferkos; Ferkos accept EnergyX tokens for purchase of their green energy products.

Holders incentivized

The EnergyX Token incentivizes the community to hold Safe Energy, in return for passive income and the hight potential for capital growth, due to our Tokenomics principles.

Future Focussed

The EnergyX token has been designed for long term growth, future flexibility and innovation across limitless applications, for both our holders and future partners. The only limit to utility is your imagination.

Here for Business

Safe Energy's EnergyX token presents a genuine commitment to a green future. Businesses may be able to leverage the use of the EnergyX token in contribution to achieving or sustaining an ISO14001 Enviromental Management System accreditation.
for Holders
Part of a Community

Holders are a part of a
community that thrives on spreading awareness of the need for green safe energy solutions, for a sustainable future.

Earn EnergyX

Holders receive EnergyX tokens throught the static rewards of our tokenomics.

Capital Growth

A holder's investment is subject to strong potential for capital growth due to the token's deflationary features.

for Partners
A Green Commitment

A partnership with Safe Energy is a green commitment that can give you a contemporary edge against your competition, in areas such as tender submissions.


A partnership with of Safe Energy will see your organization receive free publicity through promotion on Safe Energy's website and social media.

Access to Crypto Utility

Partner's can tailor the use of the EnergyX token for any application needing the transfer of stored value for international transactions, 24 hours a day.

Frequently Questions

The price of the $EnergyX token is different across these platforms because of the different token pools that these platforms use. For example, Bitmart (one of our Crypto Exchanges) had purchased a supply of $EnergyX to stock their own pool, for $EnergyX listing and trading on their platform. This pool is isolated and separate to the pool of $EnergyX being traded through PancakeSwap. These different pools experience different supply and demand, which subsequently can result in a price difference. In addition, CoinMarketCap has had a history of being slow to update their price. We recommend obtaining the latest $EnergyX price data from

At the moment, Safe Energy exists to spread awareness and appreciation of the need for safe, green energy, particularly in the realm of crypto mining (such as Bitcoin). As the Safe Energy enterprise grows, we’ll seek more hands-on contributions to green energy, through projects and joint ventures with green energy and environmental advocate groups.

Yes; our partner at Ferkos will accept $EnergyX tokens as an alternate form of payment for their green energy products. In addition, our partner at Income Island (a gaming platform) is willing to accept $EnergyX tokens. The Safe Energy enterprise will continue to explore partnerships to grow the utilisation of our token.

Whilst we cannot provide financial advice, our smart contract arrangement and token burning mechanisms have been ingeniously designed to encourage continual growth of our $EnergyX token value, through regular reduction of the token supply. In addition, the subject of safe, renewable energy and its link to both environment and climate remain a strong area of focus for many of our world leaders. The Safe Energy $EnergyX token will be at the forefront of this environment and climate focus.

The Safe Energy $EnergyX token is a community-driven token, meaning that the success of Safe Energy rests with the passion and dedication of the community. The community has presented some fantastic commitment to Safe Energy’s success. For example, our leadership team of Safe Energy administers and the Safe Energy social media moderators are holders, investors and volunteers. In addition, this website has been created through the donated time of the community. By investing in Safe Energy, you are joining our community. To contribute to Safe Energy’s success, you may wish to create social media focus groups, attend or represent Safe Energy at local events, or approach organisations to propose partnerships or further token utility.

Our Team
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